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The key to increasing the number of minority students in STEM is providing them with with a positive, mentored research experience.

Tiffany Oliver Ph.D.


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My past demonstrates my commitment to diversity and inclusion. As an African American woman, and scientist, I have experienced how academia can be unreceptive and inequitable to underrepresented individuals. Via dialogue, exposure, education, and slight adjustments to institutional culture, I hope to create academic environments in which everyone has the same opportunity to excel at their scholarly efforts.



About Me

Dr. Oliver is a native of Detroit, Michigan.  She received her B.S. in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from Tennessee State University and her Ph.D. in Genetics and Molecular Biology from Emory University.  She currently serves as an Associate Professor and and Chair of the Department of Biology at Spelman College.

Dr. Oliver has a strong background in both genetic epidemiology as well as cellular and molecular biology.  Her current research examines the role of near-infrared light on the inhibition of cell death and is currently funded by a three-year, $400,000.00 grant from the Department of Defense.   

Outside of conducting research, Dr. Oliver is passionate about increasing diversity in the field of data science.  She currently directs several undergraduate research programs which provide collegiate black women with the training and expertise needed to acquire jobs in the field of data science.    Dr. Oliver's most recent TEDXTalk entitled Creating diverse and equitable initiatives in data science, speaks to her commitment to increasing diversity in the field of data science and why this is important.


Creating diverse and equitable initiatives in data science | Tiffany Oliver Ph.D. | TEDxMorehouse




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